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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice has responsibility for supporting investigations through the criminal justice process and is the central point of contact between the police and other criminal justice agencies including the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the courts service. Our aim is to increase public confidence in the criminal justice system by better supporting victims and witnesses.

The department is centrally managed and is made up of 32 police officers and 181 police staff based at Buxton, Chesterfield, Derby and headquarters.

Our key functions are:

  • Custody suites at Buxton, Chesterfield and Derby.
  • Force identification unit with responsibility for progressing formal identification procedures across the force.
  • Criminal justice units at Chesterfield and Derby who process prosecution files for offenders charged to appear before court.
  • Central process unit that deals with all summons files, administer some fixed penalty tickets, vehicle rectification and diversionary schemes.
  • Crown court support unit who administer crown court files, ensuring evidence is collated as requested by the CPS or the judge.
  • Central witness care unit supporting all victims and witnesses going through the court process.
  • Firearms licensing unit with responsibility for processing applications and maintaining records for all firearms certificate holders.

The roll-out of the Niche Records Management System across Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in June, will create a centralised IT system for all case and custody, crime and intelligence applications, enabling staff to easily share information across forces. Officers and staff who require access to it for their job are currently being trained.

We have introduced a number of ways to provide digitally captured evidence, which will deliver further efficiencies. This includes provision of digital interview recording equipment and installation of video facilities to enable officers to provide evidence at court via live link.

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