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A Career With Us

A career with Derbyshire Constabulary offers rewarding and challenging opportunities in a variety of roles.

We are a high performing organisation, currently on track to deliver our tenth consecutive year of crime reduction for the people of Derbyshire.

Joining our team in any of our varied roles, whether as an officer, a member of police staff or a volunteer, means that you’ll play a part in assisting the force to deliver our commitment to our local communities.

Take a look around our careers section to see what we can offer you, and also read about the core values which underpin everything we do.

What role will you play?

Derbyshire Constabulary employs over 3,800 people. There are many, many different roles within this, but can be covered by three distinct areas:

Police officers

Our police officers are in the forefront of our policing service; preventing and detecting crime, providing reassurance to victims and witnesses, and generally making our communities safer.

Within this profession is the opportunity to be promoted and specialise, such enhancing their investigative skills and tackling large investigations by becoming a detective, or forming part of such teams as Roads Policing, Dog Section or Armed Response.

We are not currently recruiting for regular officers, please keep looking at our website and social media channels for any updates.


We are not currently accepting transferees from other forces.

Police Community Support Officers

Uniformed civilians with a specialised set of legal powers.

The role of the PCSO is to provide a highly-visible presence, working within the local community as part of a Safer Neighbourhood team to identify local issues and tackling them in partnership with the team’s police officers, local authorities and other agencies.

Police staff

Our police staff provide support for frontline policing operations and provide a wide range of support services. There are many varied roles within Derbyshire Constabulary, offering opportunities for those looking to start a career or established professionals looking to join a high-performing organisation.

Derbyshire Constabulary works in partnership with a number of other police forces and with other organisations in the county. From time to time we may advertise vacancies with these partner organisations. Where this is the case, the recruitment process may differ from our usual process, so please check the instructions carefully.

Please note that this jobs section of the website is for those who are interested in paid employment with us. If you wish to volunteer with us, then please see our volunteering section.

Direct Entry

The Direct Entry scheme aims to target successful individuals who will bring new skills, perspectives and a breadth of experience to our force.

Derbyshire Constabulary is a modern, effective and innovative organisation that is constantly looking to meet the needs of our ever-changing communities.

The Direct Entry inspector programme aims to attract a diverse range of the population who can use their previous professional experience to develop a new, challenging and rewarding career in policing.

This role will be the same as an operational police officer, after two years progressing to the rank of inspector. Life in the police force is not like a regular job, and its combination of excitement, variation and challenges make it a unique career path.

All police officers work in high risk circumstances, such as critical incidents or dangerous, complex situations. These hours are often unpredictable, therefore it does not conform to the usual 9 - 5 job. 

Our commitment to equal opportunities

Derbyshire Constabulary is an equal opportunities employer and wants to have a workforce that is representative of the communities that we police and serve.

As an employer, we strive to ensure that all our personnel practices, including recruitment, promotion and development are applied consistently and fairly and that the overriding principle governing selection is merit.

We interact with different people from different communities and backgrounds on a day-to-day basis.  It is essential that we are culturally competent and understand difference so we can provide a policing service custom-made to our society and our people; we need a representative workforce made up of the very community that we strive to protect to enable us to do this.

At Derbyshire Constabulary we value all of our staff. We believe in diversity and ensure our employee recruitment, retention and progression are always fair. We are not fully representative yet and we are addressing this imbalance through a variety of initiatives and by ensuring the conduct and behaviour of our staff is beyond reproach.

Taking positive action

Positive Action is legal under the Equality Act 2010, section 158. It enables us to encourage a more diverse workforce.

We promote positive action and offer support and mentoring to all staff and potential applicants and candidates from under-represented groups, including:

  • Females
  • People with a disability
  • Members of the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) community
  • People from a BAME (Black, Asian or ethnic minority) background
  • People from different faiths

We carry out positive action to provide information, advice, encouragement and support to candidates from under-represented groups whilst they are going through the the application and selection process; the selection process and required standards for candidates from these under-represented groups is exactly the same as for any other candidate. 

If you’re interested in receiving information about our recruitment campaigns and any of the positive action events behind held throughout the county, please complete this form.


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Derbyshire Constabulary SMS (text messages): 07800 002414

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