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Employer Supported Policing

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The Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme is a national Home Office led initiative. Under the scheme organisations provide support to employees who are also Special Constables or Police Support Volunteers. Typically this will be in the form of paid leave to conduct police duties or training. Partner organisations benefit in a number of ways, including free staff development and visibly supporting the wellbeing of local people in the communities in which they operate. ESP often forms part of a larger Corporate Social Responsibility scheme for these organisations.

Local communities benefit from increased resources aimed at preventing and reducing crime, protecting vulnerable people and providing reassurance. Through ESP businesses can also help the police service build resilience and capability when responding to crisis and catastrophic events whether these are natural events such as flooding or criminal/terrorist attacks. Derbyshire Constabulary itself supports ESP and many of our existing staff volunteer as Specials and PSVs to help our communities. We also support volunteering outside the policing world where there is a clear public value to their activity, in line with our organisational priorities.  

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