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What training will I receive?

Initial training programme for Special Constables.

The National Strategy for the deployment of Special Constables was developed by various police forces working collaboratively.

As a Special Constable your time spent on training will be an invaluable experience building upon the skills and abilities you already possess. You will build on these and develop new skills and abilities to enable you to deal with a wide variety of incidents that you may come into contact with.  

In Derbyshire, all recruits must complete the Initial Training Programme for Special Constables. The course structure includes first aid and self-defence. Throughout the training you will be guided by Police Training staff, passing onto you their knowledge and advice gained from years of experience. You will be developed, supported and assessed whilst being developed in this new area of your life.

Specials Initial Police Learning and Development Programme

As a Special Constable in Derbyshire you can choose between the following courses:

  • Weekend course comprising of an induction day on a Friday and then 22 days of training over consecutive weekends, with a weekend break in the middle. This is conducted at our Force Headquarters training school.
  • 2 week course with 12 days training at weekends. This is conducted at our Force Headquarters training school.
  • A blended course, incorporating self-study, ‘virtual’ classrooms over the internet and classroom based consolidation days at our force headquarters training school. This course is over a continuous five month period.

At the end of each of these courses there is a final exam and role play assessment centre.

The Attestation

At the conclusion of the course you will be invited to attend an attestation evening where you will swear the oath of a constable. You will receive your warrant card and a course certificate. You can invite your family and friends who have supported you throughout your course.

At the end of the course you will have gained valuable experience and life skills, your confidence will be raised to new levels.

Employer support

We know that some employers are willing to release their staff to attend these courses so it may be worth approaching your employer if you have one, and enquiring about time off to attend this course. The life skills you will acquire or develop are transferable into your professional discipline.

Continuous further development

There are specialist departments in our organisation and you may consider an attachment to these departments to enhance your skills. Continuous development is important in the police service and you will be given opportunities to enhance the skills you develop.


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