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In an emergency always call 999

What's in it for you?

Here’s what our Specials have to say about why they joined and the benefits they gained:

    • Make a real difference to people’s lives
    • A chance to challenge yourself and how what you are capable of
    • Want to help their local community
    • Interested in a career with the police
    • A chance to gain a real competitive edge, meaning you are well placed in the employment market
    • Lead a more varied and challenging life
    • Do something new and exciting
    • Learn new transferable skills and gain valuable experience
    • Use your experience and skills to help solve crime
    • Meet new people

...and much more!

Special Constables give a minimum of four hours a week, usually in a single shift, but the working hours are totally flexible to suit you and you can work more hours if you can spare the time. 

Special Constables come from all walks of life. It is the diversity within the Special Constabulary that helps the police service represent the communities it serves. Being a Special means you can expect to enjoy much of the variety that comes with police work. 

Once a Special Constable has achieved their Independent Patrol Status (IPS) they are able to apply for further development opportunities, such as:

Special Sergeant: This involves assisting in the operational effectiveness of the Force by supervising, developing and supporting Special Constables.

Special Inspector: For those confirmed in the rank of Special Sergeant, this role assists in the divisional management of Specials Sergeants and Constables.

For those Specials who have attained Independent Patrol Status, there are opportunities to participate in Roads Policing attachments. These attachments  last for a period of 3 months and give the Specials the opportunity to work alongside specialist officers, thereby enhancing their skills and providing them with excellent experience.


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