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In an emergency always call 999


Parking issues

Parking issues are handled by a mixture of local authority and police powers, depending on the situation.

Your local council will deal with parking issues covering:

  • Limited waiting bays
  • Double / single yellow lines
  • On-street pay & display bays
  • Residents' parking zones or permit holders' only zones
  • Blue badge (disabled) bays
  • Loading bays
  • Bus stops clearways
  • Taxi bays
  • School keep clears
  • Clearways
  • Dropped kerb access
  • Double parking
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Council-owned car parks
  • Double parking - vehicle parked over 50 centimetres from the kerb

As a police force, we will deal with parking issues that cover:

  • Double white lines
  • Obstruction, this may include pavement parking
  • Dangerous parking, this may include pavement parking
  • Bends
  • Brows of hills
  • Dropped kerb access (as well as the council)
  • Double parking (as well as the council)
  • One-way traffic
  • Box junctions
  • Access only (unless access to premises is required)
  • White hatched areas
  • Pedestrian crossings (as well as the council)

Contacting your local council

Derby City Council

Telephone: 01332 293111

Visit their website

Amber Valley Borough Council

Telephone: 01773 570222

Visit their website

Bolsover District Council

Telephone: 01629 538671

Visit their website

Chesterfield Borough Council

Telephone: 01246 345345

Visit their website

Derbyshire Dales District Council

Telephone: 01629 761177

Visit their website

Erewash Borough Council

Telephone: 0115 9072244

Visit their website

High Peak Borough Council

Telephone: 0345 129 7777

Visit their website

North East Derbyshire District Council

Telephone: 01246 217610

Visit their website

South Derbyshire District Council

Telephone: 01283 595758

Visit their website

Contacting the police

If you need to contact the police over a parking issue, call our 101 non-emergency number. In an emergency, such as where there is an immediate threat to life, call 999.

Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.