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Langley Mill officers team up to give 'Banter Bridge' a new lease of life

Posted on 30th April 2015


Photo (L-R) – PCSO Emily Stanesby; Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, Clive Booth; Chairman of the Parish Council, Michael Fowkes; artist, Peter Barber and PCSO Jenny Lorimer. 

Officers in Langley Mill have teamed up with a local artist and college to bring new life to a railway line overpass known locally as ‘Banter Bridge.’

PCSO’s Emily Stanesby and Jenny Lorimer from the Langley Mill Safer Neighbourhood Team worked alongside the Parish Council to secure funding for the project to see the bridge revamped.

The bridge, between Bridge Street and North Street, was heavily covered in vandalism and graffiti, with one local resident describing it as “daunting.”

Year 10 NQF Art and Design students from Aldercar Community Language College helped professional graffiti artist, Peter Barber, to think up a new concept for the bridge with inspiration coming from trains, barge boats, trees, fruit and blossom.

Pupils also wanted to acknowledge a former factory in the town which manufactured parachutes for the war effort, by using camouflage in the bridge’s design.

PCSO Stanesby said: “The bridge was in desperate need of regenerating as it was covered in graffiti and expletives; it wasn’t pleasant for anyone using it.

“Along with other agencies, we hope to have improved the general appearance of the bridge, which is used by a vast number of people every day.  I am pleased local students have enjoyed the experience of helping to design new artwork for it and we hope this may help to deter any future vandalism and crime in the area.”

A local resident added: “I walk over this bridge most days to get to town and always thought it was very daunting with vandalism and swear words all over it. Now when I use the bridge, I think how wonderful it looks. The students have done a great job.”  

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