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Youngsters in Heage get Scooter Smart alongside local Safer Neighbourhood officers

Posted on 1st October 2015

Primary school children in Heage are now feeling in the know about road safety after a visit from local Safer Neighbourhood officers and partner agencies.

PC Andrea Smith and PCSO Scott Hunt from the village’s Safer Neighbourhood team visited Heage Primary School on Wednesday, September 23 alongside Rob Bounds from the Derbyshire County Council Sustainable Travel Team.

190 pupils took part in four workshops throughout the day to learn more about staying safe on the journey to and from school.

Children enjoyed a Scooter Smart session and then went on to look at the importance of looking after your head by designing a cycle helmet to protect an egg when it was dropped on the floor.

A model car, with bean bag passengers that could be left unbelted in a collision, demonstrated the importance of wearing a seat belt, as youngsters were told the story of ‘Teddy Takes a Tumble.’

Children also learnt more about Bloo the Gnu at the zebra crossing to reinforce the ‘stop, look, listen’ message when crossing the road.

PC Smith said: “It was a really good day and it was good to talk to the children about road safety.  Not only did we take part in the scooter training sessions, we also talked to the children about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and how it can help to save lives in the event of a road traffic collision and also the protection that a cycle helmet gives.  

“It was fun to see the experiments with the eggs in the mini helmets the children made. They did work and stopped the eggs from smashing when the teacher dropped them.”

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