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Children and parents in Kilburn learn more about seatbelt safety with local officers

Posted on 18th June 2015

Youngsters, staff, parents and carers at a nursery school in Kilburn have been learning more about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt in the car after a local Safer Neighbourhood officer paid a visit.

PC Neil Hopwell from the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team went to Kingfisher Day Nursery on Rawson Green on Friday, June 12 to meet and chat to local people.

Derbyshire County Council’s Roads Safety Team kindly leant PC Hopwell a resource called ‘Teddy Takes a Tumble’ to teach young children and their parents and carers about fitting car seats securely and seatbelt safety. 

The teddy bear toy was in a car seat and PC Hopwell explained how one day teddy went to the shop without his seat belt on and was involved in an accident which saw him thrown from his seat and onto the floor, via the windscreen.

The children also a played a game where they were all weighed to see if anyone was heavier than PC Hopwell in his protective kit. The figures recorded are now set to be used by the nursery school to send out letters to parents and carers to give advice on car seats and the best one to choose for their children’s size and weight.

PC Hopwell said: “Having never done anything like this before, I was delighted with the response from parents and staff at the nursery. Everyone seemed to enjoy the session and it was food for thought for all ages, as the young children enjoyed teddy’s story and the adults understood and reflected upon the underlying and vital message of car safety.

“I do hope to be able to roll out sessions like this to other nurseries and schools in the area as the feedback from Kingfisher Day Nursery has been promising. I think tackling serious subjects in a light-hearted and entertaining way to appeal to all ages ensures people engage with the subject matter and take advice seriously.”    

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