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Deterring anti-social behaviour during summer months is new priority for Whittington and Barrow Hill officers

Posted on 5th May 2015

Officers in Whittington and Barrow Hill are hoping to deter any anti-social and nuisance behaviour as the nights get lighter over the summer months.
The area’s Safer Neighbourhood team set the aim as its latest priority following a community panel meeting on Tuesday, April 28.

PCSO Sheila Rooksby organised the event to speak to local residents about their neighbourhood issues, with the possibility of anti-social behaviour (ASB) during the summer being a main concern for people.

The team will be carrying out increased patrols in parks and other public places during summer evenings, to ensure youngsters stay safe when out and about.

Officers will also be working with partner agencies to set up possible diversionary activities. This will help to keep youngsters entertained, and allow them to socialise with friends in a safe and secure environment. 

Positive action will be taken against those caught causing any anti-social behaviour and officers hope to use restorative justice to deal with offenders where appropriate.

The team’s other current priority, of nuisance off road bikes along the canal between Staveley and Old Whittington, has been extended following the meeting.
Officers will continue to carry out regular patrols both on bikes and on foot and speak to those found to be causing a nuisance in the area. They will issue Section 59 warnings to riders who are seen using their bikes in a careless or inconsiderate manner and work in partnership with other agencies to help tackle the issue.

The next community panel meeting is scheduled to take place at St Patrick’s Church Hall on High Street, New Whittington, on Tuesday, June 23, from 10.30am.

Residents are invited to go along and help set the team’s policing priorities for the following three months.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to have your say, contact the team on 101.

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