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Nuisance motorbike operation in Alvaston Park is hailed a success

Posted on 22nd May 2015

Safer Neighbourhood officers are hailing the success of an operation to deter nuisance motorbikes around Alvaston Park.

Operation Rona was first thought up by Alvaston Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant, Simon Hawley, following complaints from local residents about the issue.

The campaign, aimed at deterring nuisance motorbikes and gathering evidence against repeat offenders, has been in place since February and has seen an increase in dedicated patrols by the local Safer Neighbourhood team around the park.

Officers are equipped with video cameras in order to capture the nuisance bikes in action and to assist in the identification of riders.

Community messages have also been sent out, asking members of the public to inform officers about individuals who own off-road motorbikes. Officers then visited individuals who were advised about riding their motorbikes around parks.

Sergeant Hawley said: “Prior to Operation Rona, we were receiving around 10 to 15 calls each week in relation to nuisance motorbikes racing around Alvaston Park. I am delighted to say the campaign has been a great success, with no calls in relation to this issue being received during the past three weeks.

“Parks are not the place to ride motorcycles. They are a danger to other members of the public and also spoil the enjoyment of the park for others.

“We are now working alongside partner agencies including local councillors and the neighbourhood officer to investigate ways in which the park can be made less accessible for motorbikes, which should assist with managing this issue in the future.”

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