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Linton, Overseal and Lullington

Linton, Overseal and LullingtonSafer Neighbourhood Team

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Derby South Section, Civic Way, Swadlincote, Derby, DE11 0AE
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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Coton in the Elms, Overseal, Netherseal, Linton, Lullington, Rosliston & Castle Gresley. It belongs to the South Derbyshire Local Policing Unit.The area lies within the National Forest and consists of fifteen small rural villages. Seven of the villages have their own parish council and or neighbourhood watch. The area is bordered by Staffordshire to the west and south/west and Leicestershire to the east and south /east.

Team Members

Kerry Wallington-Waite (PCSO Supervisor)

PCSO 4469 Kerry Wallington-Waite (PCSO Supervisor)

David McMillan

PCSO 4486 David McMillan

Joanne Saddington

PCSO 14543 Joanne Saddington

Shelley Johnson

PCSO 12859 Shelley Johnson

These priorities were set by your team following community feedback. Contact your team in person, by phone or online to let them know your priorities.

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We are pleased to report that no priority profiles have currently been raised for this Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 18/12/2017
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • We will continue to carry out patrols throughout the area and work to keep your neighbourhood safe.
  • If you have any concerns or feel there is something we could target in your area please contact us by calling 101, Alternatively, send us a message online by visiting the Contact Us section of our website www.derbyshire.police.uk/Contact-Us.

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Crime mapping allows us to show you where crime is happening at a local level, so we can better engage with our communities and help them determine how best to police the area they live in.