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Family of man who has been missing for 11 years appeal for help to find him

Posted on 5th August 2015
Brian Watson

The family of a man who has been missing for 11 years are asking the public to help find a “much-loved father and grandfather.”

Brian Stanley Watson was suffering from depression at the time of his disappearance and left the Derby City Hospital, in Uttoxeter Road, on the morning of August 22 2004.

Mr Watson, who was 52 at the time and lived in Heanor, has not been seen since and despite extensive inquiries, police have not been able to trace him.

Now his family are making a fresh appeal for information almost 11 years since he was last seen.

Mr Watson (63) and his wife, Sue, have two married children, Rachel Watson (40) and Robert Watson (39) and four grandchildren, three of whom Mr Watson has not met.

Mrs Watson, who still lives in Heanor, said: “Brian always loved fishing and he is meant to retire this year and could have spent more time fishing or being with the family.

“He met our granddaughter, Katie, who was seven when he went missing, but he has never met Ida, Iris and Isaac and I know he would love them.

“If he doesn’t want to come back home, he just needs to tell us. It would be difficult but all we need to know is that he is OK.

“We always live in hope that he is still out there somewhere and that we will see him again.

“Never a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I have such a great family and friends who help me go on and I’m very thankful to have them but we are in limbo. You can’t describe the feeling to anyone. I wake up thinking today could be the day I open the door and he is there. We live in hope every day.”

Mr and Mrs Watson’s granddaughter, Katie Watson (17), said: “My brother Isaac and cousins Ida and Iris have never met him. I know how amazing he is his but they don’t and I know they’d love to meet him.

“I often do a double take when I see someone in the street who looks like him.”

Investigating officer DC Tina Green said: “Brian’s case is regularly reviewed to see if any new information can be found that might lead us to him but sadly, we have been unsuccessful.

“In the years since Brian went missing, people have contacted us with sightings but none of these have been confirmed as him.

“Sue has never moved house or changed her phone number so that line of contact is always open to Brian. He can always contact me or someone else here at Derbyshire police.

“If anyone knows Brian, or if he hears of this appeal himself, please get in touch. He is a much-loved father and grandfather is missed by his friends and family.”

Mr Watson is 5ft 11ins tall and has blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he had short, wavy hair which was greying.

Anyone with information about Mr Watson should call police on 101. You can also contact the charity Missing People by ringing or texting 116 000.

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