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Cyber Specials helping protect Derbyshire residents and businesses in the digital world

Posted on 7th June 2018
Jeremy Green picture

A new group of special constables are helping keep Derbyshire residents and businesses safe in the online world.

The four Derbyshire Constabulary volunteers are assisting the cybercrime unit with its investigations and helping spread the cyber security message.

The group will help with a range of investigations and actions and their first task was to test the security of a number of websites belonging to local businesses who attended a recent cyber security event.

Cyber special, Jeremy Green, volunteered to do the testing and found a number of issues and suggested ways of remedying the issues.

Jeremy said: “I jumped at the chance as I had a new piece of software to use and at the same time I could make of recently acquired skills around vulnerability testing.

“The vulnerability testing involved testing a website and then reporting back any specific vulnerabilities along with the possible remediation.”

The issues ranged from upgrading the system that a website was based on to setting up a firewall – a barrier to protect the website from unauthorised access.

For Jeremy the cyber specials role was a perfect fit. His current job is within cyber security and he already had strong links with Derbyshire police.

He said: “I have worked within law enforcement for over 12 years having spent time as a special, police IT trainer and police constable.

“I have spent the last couple of years involved in the delivery of cyber training and more recently as Cyber Instructor for Firebrand training.

“When the Cyber Specials was announced last year it was something I really wanted to get involved in being passionate about cyber security.

“One of the great aspects of the role is that I now have the chance to translate what I teach in a classroom environment into real world situations.

“I can also make use of the various cyber qualifications I hold such as EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker and CompTIA CySA+.

“Some of these skills have also translated into the CID role I also have as a special constable where my cyber skills have supported various investigations.”

While Jeremy has had experience within the police – anyone who has skills they think might assist are welcome to apply.

DI Steve Roberts said: “The work that Jeremy has done to help these businesses has been absolutely fantastic.

“The volunteers that we have currently working with us are an integral part of the team and bring a great range of skills and experience.

“The danger posed by criminals in the online world is huge. That is why we need as many people with as many different abilities to help in the fight.

“It is clear from Jeremy’s work that there is a need for the skills our Cyber Specials can bring and I would urge anyone who thinks they can help to get in touch.”

And businesses employing volunteers can also see a boost to their companies.

Robert Chapman, co-founder of Firebrand Training, which employs Jeremy, said he was proud to see his staff volunteering for the force.

He said: “To ensure our instructors are among the best in the world, we encourage them to consult and support organisations within their field. Jeremy is one such example and we’re delighted that his positive work supporting Derbyshire police is being highlighted.

“So many businesses fail to realise that they’re vulnerable online and those that do understand the risks are often unable to hire the security skills they need. We’re proud of Jeremy’s work conducting vulnerability testing for local businesses and training the next generation of security professionals in the classroom.”

If you think you have skills that can help the Cyber Specials team then contact Natasha Sagar via email natasha.sagar.17178@derbyshire.PNN.police.uk or tweet her at @DerbysCyberBiz.

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