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Cyber scam warning after dozens of calls about blackmail email

Posted on 23rd October 2018

More than 30 calls have been received over the past four days from people who have been targeted by a cyber scam.

The email demands payment in Bitcoin and claims the criminals will release footage taken on the victim’s webcam while they visited explicit websites if they do not pay.

The scam message also includes a password which has been used by the victim – making the threat that they have video even more realistic.

However, the offenders have not placed malicious software on your computer. In fact, the password information has been purchased online and comes from data breaches such as the one that hit TalkTalk back in 2015.

If you have received one of these emails you should:

-        Not email the criminals.

-        Not pay the ransom demand.

-        Change your password and reset any passwords that may have used the one mentioned in the email. Whenever possible enable Two-Factor Authentication – more on that can be found here.

-        Cover your webcam when it is not in use.

If you have received one of these emails and paid the fine then you should call 101 and report the crime to your local police force.

If you have received an email but not paid the criminals you should report it as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud.


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