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Fraudster who preyed on elderly victims jailed

Posted on 25th October 2018

A fraudster who targeted five vulnerable, elderly victims across Derby has been jailed for 40 months.

Shaun Rafferty posed as a painter and decorator and told his victims they needed emergency repair works carried out to their home.

The victims would hand over cash, however, the work was never carried out. Rafferty would then return to his victim’s house, apologise work not being carried out, obtain more money and then still not complete any work.

His last victim was an elderly woman who suffers from dementia. Rafferty claimed to be a friend of her dead husband, took her to the bank where she withdrew £1,000. A few days later he tried to the same tactic and when challenged by bank staff said he was her nephew.

Suspicious of the conman’s story bank staff rang police who arrested Rafferty at the scene.

Rafferty, 47, was sentenced to 40 months in prison at Derby Crown Court on October 9.

DC Tarj Nizzer, who led the investigation, said: “To say Rafferty is a callous, uncaring and selfish individual would be an understatement.

“Criminals like Rafferty target those least able to protect themselves with duplicitous techniques that, in this case, has conned vulnerable people out of tens of thousands of pounds.

“This sentence should send out a clear message that those who carry out this kind of crime will be found, charged and handed custodial sentences.

“I would like to thank the teams involved in the investigation, as well as bank staff who alerted us to Rafferty in the first instance.

“We all have a duty of care to the vulnerable in our society and I would ask everyone across the county report anything suspicious, or feel someone vulnerable is being targeted, to call 101 or report it via our social media channels.”

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