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Mobile Device Safety

This page provides some tips on keeping your mobile devices safe, such as your smartphone, tablet or music player.

It also explains how you can use a national website to register the details of your mobile phone and other possessions.

Keeping yourself safe

Be mindful of your surroundings when you're out and about. Our street robbery advice section has a wealth of useful information to help you keep safe when using your mobile devices out and about.

Securing your handset

It's always a good idea to write down the make and model of your phone, as well as your handset's unique identification number (IMEI number). This can be found behind the battery, or by dialling *#06# on most phones. Keep these details in a safe place and completely separate from your phone, as you'll need to give them to your service provider if your phone is lost or stolen.

Whatever model of phone you have, your handset has in-built security features that you can use to protect it. If you don't know how to use them, take a look at your phone's instruction manual. For example, you can set up a PIN number that you have to key in before you make a call. This stops anyone else using your phone and protects any personal details your have in your phone book or your text message inbox.

You can also install an application on some devices that helps you find it should it be lost or stolen.

Register, report, reunite


Immobilise logo

You can register the details of your handset with the National Mobile Phone Register at http://www.immobilise.com/

This is a free service that allows you to record the details of as many of your possessions as you wish on a secure, offsite inventory. If you wish you can upgrade your free account and add photographs and certificates of ownership.

It is the largest service of its type with over 15 million registered users, 22 million items registered, and over 16 million stolen items recorded.

The recorded information can help you after loss, theft or fire when completing insurance claims and reporting stolen or lost property to the police and mobile phone networks.

You should also register your phone's details with your network provider.


If your phone is stolen, report it immediately to the police. Call Derbyshire Constabulary on 101.

You should also contact your network provider. When you get through, tell them your phone has been stolen and they'll be able to block both the handset and the SIM card so that they can't be used any more.


The police are cracking down on mobile phone thieves. This means they're more likely to recover your phone if it's stolen. If they do, and you've registered your phone, the police can reunite you with your mobile.

Lost or stolen property

If you have been subject to a criminal act report it to the police. For Derbyshire police, dial 101.

If you have created an Immobilise account and your property is then lost or stolen, you can also log into your Immobilise account and use the report facility. If the item is a mobile phone, report it to your network as well. The network can turn off the SIM card and the phone.

For more information visit our Lost and Found page.

Locating lost mobile devices

iPhone and iPad security

An iPhone showing the iCloud configuration screen. Find My iPhone is an Apple app which uses the GPS device inside your iPhone, iPad and Mac to track it’s location in the event that it is lost or stolen.

It is a free application which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store  and configuration information can be found on the Apple website . iOS devices with iOS7 have Find My iPhone's Activation Lock within the software, and can be found in Settings > iCloud.

In the event that your iPhone, iPad or Mac is lost or stolen, you can log into your iCloud account on your computer and it will display where your iOS device is as long as it is turned on. From here, you can also lock your device, place a message on the lock screen and even wipe the contents of the device, returning it to its factory settings.

As with any application it downloads directly to your home screen and is visible to anyone that physically looks at the screen. Therefore to prevent a thief deleting the app, it is worth hiding the icon in a folder so that it is not obviously visible. 

Please, in any cases of your items being stolen, report this to the police. 

Please note:

Find My iPhone is compatable with iPhone 4 and above, any iPad or iPod Touch 4 th Generation or above with iOS 4.3 or above installed (just make sure your device is up to date via iTunes). 

Android security

Similar to Find My iPhone, modern Android devices also have a remote locate and access feature with Android Device Manager.

It allows you to locate GPS-enabled Android devices assocaited with your Google account, make it ring at maximum volume, lock the device, reset your device's screen lock PIN, and erase all the data on the phone, returning it to factory settings.

Visit the Google Play store to install Android Device Manager .

Please note:

Android Device Manager requires Android version 2.3 and higher to be installed on the device.

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