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In an emergency always call 999

Migrant Workers

New arrivals to Derbyshire


Do you know how to report a crime? Do you know where your local Accident and Emergency Unit is? Do you know how to request a home fire safety check? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you will soon be able to find out with access to these ten leaflets. 

These leaflets have been created by the Community Safety Team to provide some key points of information for new arrivals to Derbyshire. They provide you with basic information relating to your local council, residency rights, currency, children and education, healthcare, driving and travel, emergency services, accommodation and employment. Of course, there is also one dedicated to us, Derbyshire Constabulary! 

Each leaflet provides you with the information you would need straight away if you are new to the area. If you require any information extra to that which is provided in the leaflets, then you will be able to contact any one of the useful contacts listed at the end of each leaflet for this. 

Please make use of these leaflets by downloading them to your computer. You can also share the leaflets with your family, friends and work colleagues by giving them the web link: www.derbyshire.police.uk/migrants.

Driving in the UK

A new guide has been produced in 2015 to outline, in detail, the laws surrouding driving a vehicle in the United Kingdom.

This guide has been translated into Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Romanian.

You can download the 'Driving in the UK' guide in the top-right-hand-side of this page.

The truth about migrant workers

Did you know that, fish and chips, a traditional British meal, was brought to us by Jews expelled from Portugal in the 17th century?

There are many things we do not know about migration or take-for-granted.  We have created a myth-busting leaflet that aims to promote positive attitudes towards migrant communities. The leaflet explains differences between some of the migrant groups (migrant workers, asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants).

It also provides some basic and interesting facts and figures and addresses some of the misleading conceptions (i.e. that migrants live on benefits, or contribute to the crime rate) that established communities may have about migrants. 

Read the 'Truth About Migrant Workers' document for more information.

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