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Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - Your Right to Ask

If you live in Derbyshire, you can find out if your partner has a violent past thanks to the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme.

The scheme - also referred to as 'Clare's Law' - aims to prevent men and women from becoming victims of domestic abuse.

It allows us to disclose information to individuals about any previous violent offending of a partner where it could help protect them from harm.

Anyone who has contact with a potential victim of domestic abuse can request information from us; however they may not be the one to receive any information released.

It will only be given to those who are best placed to safeguard the person at risk.

How does the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme work?

The scheme works in two ways

  • A right to ask: This is where information is disclosed following a request from a member of the public. 
  • A right to know: This is where we make a decision to disclose details when we receive information to suggest a person could be at risk.

A disclosure will only be made when a request meets a strict set of criteria. The person 'at risk' has to have been in an intimate relationship with their partner for a period of time.

Information we release includes previous criminal convictions but may also include any relevant intelligence held about that person.

A disclosure will only be made to the person or people who are best placed to safeguard the person at risk.

Making a request

To make a request for information under the disclosure scheme, contact us on 101.

You can also visit your local police station or speak to a police officer.

Alternatively, you can click on one of the links in the Related Documents section to download an information leaflet to find out more.

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