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Business and Retail Security

Business people  

The cost of business and retail crime is felt across many fronts. Far from being 'victimless', the effects of retail and other business crime are widely felt, on employers and employees, on customers and on the wider community. This is why reducing this kind of crime is so important for everyone.

Businesses and retail outlets can be affected by a range of crimes, both internal and external. Offences can include property crimes, such as theft and fraud; violent crimes such as assault and robbery; and anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism, verbal abuse and low-level intimidation.

These web pages provide basic factsheets, together with contact details for local business crime prevention advisers in Derbyshire.

There are also details for Counter Terrorism Security Advisors, who can assist with providing advice for businesses in regards to informing and educating the retail, urban planning and night-time economy sectors.


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