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Property Marking

Every year lost or stolen property worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is recovered by the police but can't be returned to its rightful owner. This is because it can't be properly identified. The thieves are immune from prosecution and instead get to keep the stolen property.

Often a thief will not steal well-marked property or break into premises where the property is marked because, not only does it increase the likelihood of getting caught, it is also difficult to dispose of easily.

We strongly recommend that you make your property unique. Compile a full list of make, model and serial number of all equipment. Use your postcode and company initials or logo on each item of property. It should be clearly and indelibly marked. Systems for doing this fall into two broad types:

  • A code is etched directly onto the equipment or chip, attached with powerful adhesive. Total removal is virtually impossible. The ownership details of each unique reference number are recorded on a register.
  • Covert Marking systems provide a chemical solution, which is unique. They can be applied in a variety of ways providing a permanent mark. The solution glows under low wave ultra-violet light and finds of even the slightest trace of the substance will provide irrefutable proof of ownership. Similarly, a solution containing microscopic dots, each printed with individual serial numbers can be painted onto almost any surface.

You can also register mobile phones, bikes and electrical items with serial numbers on www.immobilise.com


It is recommended that you purchase tracking software eg: Computrace by Absolute Software.


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