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In an emergency always call 999


HorseWatchLogoDerbyshire Horse Watch was set up to work in partnership with Derbyshire Police to help prevent, and detect equine related crime by connecting all owners and riders so information can be communicated quickly. Derbyshire Horse Watch is part of the national Horse Watch Alliance.

The success of any Horse Watch Scheme revolves around the work of its members. Their commitment to protecting horses provides a basis on which to build a range of measures which can help to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. In many cases, dedication alone will not be sufficient.

Joining Horse Watch

On joining Horse Watch, you'll be registered with your local Horse Watch scheme and have other members watching out for you and your property. The benefits of joining Horse Watch includes receiving information on local property marking sessions amongst other events, information from other local Horse Watch schemes and general preventative information. Fill out the membership form and return it to the County Co-ordinator (see below).

Securing your horses and equipment

A range of proven security measures have been developed to help support the horse owner and prevent the theft of horses and tack. Our security can be improved through general awareness and your property protected with a few simple precautions.

On the 'Related Documents' section of this page you can download our Horse Watch pack, which is a useful set of documents to record and secure your horses and equipment. This includes:

  • Horse Watch Identification Form - this form is a reference for the scheme and the police about your equine, and describes it in case of theft or if it is found straying.
  • Incident Checklist - this form helps you to record key details from any incident you witness.
  • Contact Sheet - a list of useful contact numbers that can be completed by yourself.
  • Security Information - preventative information and advice on securing your property.
  • Community Messaging Registration Form - complete this form to receive information from Derbyshire Constabulary by e-mail, text or phone. You can also register online.
  • Don't Recycle Your Tack Poster - a printable poster for the prevention of tack-related crime.

Next steps

Please make sure you carry out the following important steps:
  • Complete and return the Horse Watch membership forms to your County Co-ordinator. You can either complete this using the downloadable form, or complete the form online.
  • Security mark all tack and property
  • Tell your friends about Horse Watch


For the latest bulletins on Horse Watch, see the 'Related Documents section. These detail the most recent horse-related incidents and our responses to them, to make Horse Watch members aware of any potential issues in the local area.

Be vigilant

If you see something that you think is suspicious, contact Derbyshire Constabulary, your local police officer or your Horse Watch Co-ordinator (see below).


The Secretary, Helen Jackson, can be contacted on helen.develop@breathe.com.

For more information on the Horse Watch scheme in general, contact PC 14181 Debbie Hall or PCSO 16619 Naomi Biggin via 101.


Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.