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An Introduction to Derbyshire Constabulary

intro-2016We've put together a booklet which provides an overview of the force, its partners and its achievements.

It gives you an overview of the structure of the force, its performance and the good work that is being done to make Derbyshire one of the safest counties in the East Midlands, as well as one of the safest in the whole country.

The document also gives you chance to see who's at the helm of the Constabulary, with introductions to the force's five chief officers and what they're responsible for, to the divisional commanders and their roles.

It also underlines the challenges faced by the force, and explains the objectives and targets that have been set for the next year and beyond.

To download the entire 27-page document, see the Related Documents area to the right. Below is a summary of what is contained within it.

Derbyshire Constabulary at a glance

We are reducing crime

  • Derbyshire is one of the safest counties in the East Midlands
  • Crime has been reduced by 50% in the past eleven years
  • Anti-social behaviour is at its lowest level in eight years

We are detecting more crimes

  • 34% of all crimes are solved
  • There has been an 11% increase in detection rates since 2004/5

Public confidence and satisfaction

  • 81% of local residents say they feel safe in their community
  • 87% of the public are confident in their local police
  • We work in partnership to tackle the issues that matter most to communities
  • We still face big policing risks

Our organisation is changing to meet our challenges

  • We have moved all our call handling to a centralised Contact Management Centre
  • We have robust partnership arrangements with other East Midlands forces
  • We have a thriving Special Constabulary
  • We have rolled out a Police Support
  • Volunteers scheme across the force

We work closely with our partners

  • We work with nine Community Safety Partnerships across Derbyshire, representing each of the county’s district areas and the Criminal Justice Board
  • We have officers and staff co-located with partners across the county to help deliver joined-up services
  • We deliver hundreds of diversionary activities or young people every year alongside partners to reduce anti-social behaviour

We are an efficient police service

  • We have £169.472m budget for 2015/16
  • We have saved more than £24m since 2011/12’s Comprehensive Spending Review
  • We continue to identify efficiencies in our practices to close our budget gap

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