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In an emergency always call 999

Quality of Service

An officer in our Centralised Contact Management Centre

We deal with a wide range of enquiries. Some are straightforward and can be resolved immediately over the telephone or at a police enquiry office, for example. Others need further investigation or the benefit of specialist expertise before they can be resolved.

At Derbyshire Constabulary we take pride in providing a high quality service to you regardless of why or how you have made contact with us. We cannot guarantee that we will always be able to solve every crime or incident that you report to us. However, we are committed to providing a service that responds professionally and appropriately to your particular needs. We want you to feel satisfied that we have provided the highest quality of service and that we value you as our customers and take all your concerns seriously.

On this page are some of the public-focused methods we use in Derbyshire to provide our high-quality service, and how we measure this.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice brings victims, offenders and communities together to decide on a response to low level crime and anti-social behaviour in the community. It is about finding positive solutions and encouraging offenders to face up to their actions, making them understand what they've done wrong and give them an opportunity to do something to repair the harm.

Find out more about Restorative Justice and how it affects you.

Proceeds of Crime

The Proceeds of Crime Act allows the force to confiscate or start civil recovery procedures for the proceeds of crime. This means that we're tackling criminals by taking away the results of their criminality.

Find out more about the Proceeds of Crime Act how we apply this principle.

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