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Our Engagement

A view of the Emergency Services Day in Derby's Marketplace

Derbyshire Constabulary is committed to ensuring that our service meets the needs of the people of Derbyshire by engaging, listening and reacting, prioritising those who are victims of crime and the most vulnerable.

We’ve enshrined these principles in our Commitment - our promise to the public on the level of service they can expect to receive from Derbyshire Constabulary.

Key to these principles is how we listen to our communities to ensure that the service we provide is the service that they want, and that it fits with their local needs and concerns.

By engaging in this way, we can not only help to set our priorities at a very local level with the officer on your street, but it also helps to shape the very direction of the force and how we allocate our resources to tackle the risks and threats to Derbyshire.

Helping victims

One of our most vital engagements is with victims of crime and witnesses to ensure they get the support they need, from the point of the crime all the way through to its resolution.

All victims of crime are offered a Crime Contract. This outlines the steps that an officer will take on behalf of the victim, how often they will be contacted, their crime reference number and all the useful contact numbers so the victim can contact the officer and our partners, such as Victim Support.

Beyond the immediate aftermath of the crime, victims and witnesses are offered support  from our care officers throughout the court process. Victims are also offered ways for their crime to be resolved out of court through our Restorative Justice programme.

Surgeries and forum meetings

Every neighbourhood in Derbyshire has a local Safer Neighbourhood policing team, which comprise not only officers but local partners such as councils and Neighbourhood Watches.

As well as attending local meetings, our officers hold their own quarterly forum meetings and drop-in surgeries to identify local problems and to share their progress at tackling previously-set priorities.

Over To You

Over to You sees staff from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire and members of Derbyshire Constabulary visiting towns and villages throughout the county to consult the public on their perceptions of crime and safety in their area.

The team also visits key businesses throughout the county to consult with a wide range of employees.

Connecting with hard-to-reach groups

Derbyshire Constabulary has a duty to consider the needs of all individuals in our day-to-day work, in shaping policy, delivering services and in relation to our own employees.

As well as working with community groups, we've created three forums to help shape our engagement with the public to keep such needs in mind.

This includes the Independent Advisory Group, the External Disability Reference Group, and our Staff Networks Forum.

Media relations and neighbourhood communications

The Media and Public Relations Office gives operational support to police officers across the force, providing assistance to those dealing with incidents ranging from serious crimes to minor offences.

They provide 24-hour cover to handle media interest in the wide variety of work done by members of the constabulary, and provide training to officers to ensure they're able to best provide coverage for their investigations and how to deal with the media in an even-handed, unbiased way.

The force also employs three Safer Neighbourhood Communications Officers whose main role is to promote the good work being done by these teams.

Social media and the Internet

Derbyshire Constabulary uses its Facebook and Twitter pages to spread the force's appeals, investigations and results using a wide range of multimedia, as well as providing a more immediate, convenient way to contact the force. You can also get an insight into the people behind the badge on our Instagram account.

Internal engagement

Derbyshire Constabulary is aware that it isn't just about getting our engagement right with the public, but it's also crucial to get communications right internally. That's why we have dedicated processes for making sure that our officers and staff are fully briefed, and more importantly are able to have a say on how we're run.

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