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Research Proposals

This page concentrates on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), a way of policing which takes into account existing academic research on "what works" and makes use of it by applying it appropriately in operational situations.

Key actions are as follows:

The creation of a knowledge bank within the force. This includes the following actions:

  • The greater use of academic research in robust evaluation
  • Promoting what works
  • Implementing learning from the research programme
  • Sharing relevant information and building relationships with external agencies

The force receives many requests for carrying out academic research from a range of people, primarily from students.

Derbyshire Constabulary would be interested in receiving any requests that link to any of the PCC’s strategic Priorities contained within his Police and Crime Plan, or any of our current Risk and Threat policing priorities as outlined below:

  • Serious Acquisitive Crime
  • Domestic Abuse
  • OCGs (Organised Crime Groups)
  • OICHTE (Organised Immigration Crime, Human Trafficking & Exploitation)
  • Rape & Serious Sexual Assault
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Substance Misuse
  • Terrorism & Domestic Extremism
  • Cyber Crime
  • Anti-social Behaviour
  • Economic Crime
  • Killed & Seriously Injured Road Collisions 

Please note that these priorities will be addressed as equal priorities, and are not in rank order.

If you wish to make a research proposal, in the first instance, please fill out the attached Research Proposal Form and send it to: Inspector Richard Booth, Business Futures, Force Headquarters, Ripley DE5 3RS. This will then be considered by the Evidence-Based Steering Group.