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Wildlife Crime and Rural Crime


Wildlife Crime

There are many laws in the UK which are designed to protect both plant and animal species. Whilst wildlife law is complicated, most UK species of wildlife are protected, to a greater or lesser extent, by law. Examples of wildlife crime include badger persecution, illegal trade in endangered species, bat persecution, killing birds of prey and poaching.

There are cross overs between Rural and Wildlife Crime as many different types of wildlife crime have an impact on the rural community. For example, the offence of poaching, which largely occurs in rural areas, impacts on the rural community and their livelihood as it often incorporates antisocial behaviour, damage of crops during the pursuit of quarry and criminal damage to property in order to gain access to land.  However, wildlife crime doesn’t just take place in rural areas as there are a large proportion of incidents that occur in cities and more urban parts of the county.

In the Wildlife Crime section of the website you can find more information relating to the different types of wildlife crime, information about Derbyshire wildlife and useful contacts.

Rural Crime

Rural Crime covers incidents and offences that occur in rural areas and often have a significant financial impact on the farming and rural community. The types of rural crimes committed are similar across the UK but the main issues effecting the rural communities of Derbyshire are theft of farm machinery such as land rover defenders, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, trailers, horse boxes, tack and tools; theft of livestock and livestock worrying; theft of fuel including heating oil, diesel, and petrol; fly tipping and fly grazing. The impact of incidents or crimes can be higher in rural communities where people feel particularly vulnerable due to their isolated location.

The Rural Crime Team work closely with the rural communities in the county to detect and prevent this type of crime. The main aim of the team is to ensure Derbyshire Constabulary effectively tackles rural crime in all its forms.

The Rural Crime pages will provide information about the different types of rural crime, the Rural Crime Team, Farm Watch, Horse Watch and crime prevention.

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